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How to Relieve Anxiety in Coconut Creek, FL

Anxiety can be debilitating. We all know that. It can affect our careers, our educations, our relationships, and even our physical health. Thankfully, there are many ways in which we can manage stress, many of which can be easily found within the community of Coconut Creek, FL. 

If you’re a resident of Coconut Creek or live in Broward County, we have some great resources, like anxiety therapy, to help you cope with anxiety. Even if you don’t live in South Florida, these ideas will help you find resources of your own.

Photo of a stressed business woman sitting at a desk pinching the bridge of her nose. Learn to overcome you anxiety symptoms with the help of anxiety therapy in Coconut Creek, FL.

Resources to Cope With Anxiety

1. Get active at a park. 

Exercise is a great stress reducer, and what better place to do it than in one of our wonderful parks. Try Sabal Pines Park with the kids, Tradewinds Park & Stables to try the disc golf course, visit a farm or fish, or Quiet Waters Park for some water sports. 

2. Embrace nature. 

When we get out in nature, we are sometimes forced to slow down and appreciate things outside of ourselves. We can get a glimpse of the wider world around us and we can break free from our immediate anxieties. Some wonderful places to get out include Butterfly World and the Fern Forest Nature Center.

Black and white photo of a wooden bridge going through the everglades. Begin managing your anxiety symptoms in a healthy way with the support of an anxiety therapist in anxiety therapy in Coconut Creek, FL.

3. Socialize with loved ones. 

Anxiety can often lead to isolation from our friends and family. Fight that urge. Instead make plans to grab lunch with a friend, take a couple of hours to shop with a family member, or go see a movie on a date. All of this and more can be done at the Promenade at Coconut Creek

4. Journal and reflect.

Sometimes when we’re so busy with work, family, school, etc. we can forget to just take a break. One thing we can do to slow down and figure out what triggers us, and what gives us joy is journaling. Sometimes even just 10 minutes a day can help us gain some clarity into our thoughts. Spend some time journaling (and a bite to eat) at The Alchemist Café, or The Modern Rose

5. Eat nourishing food. 

Speaking of a bite to eat, did you know food can affect anxiety? Sweeteners, like aspartame and high fructose corn syrup, can disrupt your normal nervous system function, which can lead you to feel more anxious. Eating more nutritious foods can help us stay physically and mentally healthy. Some great options for a nutritious bite near Coconut Creek include True Food Kitchen and Carrot Express.  

6. Get involved. 

Just like when we get out in nature, getting involved in something, like community service or volunteering, helps us get “outside” of ourselves and our everyday stresses. It also helps us meet new people and begin to create a greater network of support. Some great volunteering options around Coconut Creek are The Beauty Initiative, Morning Day Community Solutions, and the Florida Humane Society.

Photo of two professional women sitting and talking with each other. Do you struggle with anxiety? Learn how anxiety therapy in Coconut Creek, FL can help you overcome your symptoms. Reach out to an anxiety therapist soon!

Anxiety Therapy in Coconut Creek, FL

While there are plenty of ways to cope with anxiety here in our Coconut Creek, FL community, sometimes we still need a little help. As a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in anxiety, I can help you identify the anxious patterns of thought and restructure them into more balanced and constructive thinking. 

If you live in Coconut Creek or are a resident of Florida, reach out today. I’m here to help you live the life you deserve.

Ready to Begin Anxiety Therapy in Coconut Creek, FL?

Are anxiety symptoms taking a toll on your daily life? Take the first step towards relief at Invigorate Counseling! Explore proven anxiety management techniques, anxiety therapy, and support to regain control over your well-being. You don’t have to face anxiety alone—start your journey towards a calmer, happier you now. Follow these three simple steps to get started:

  1.  Schedule a free 15-minute consultation to see if anxiety therapy is right for you
  2. Begin meeting with me, Lindsay Howard, a skilled anxiety therapist
  3. Begin overcoming your anxiety symptoms in healthier ways!

Other Services Offered at Invigorate Counseling

At Invigorate Counseling, my goal is to help provide you with support in a safe space to help you manage your mental health needs. So, in addition to providing anxiety therapy at my Florida practice to help you manage your anxiety symptoms, I also offer Depression CounselingCognitive Behavioral Therapy, Grief Counseling, and Addiction Counseling. My services are offered for clients located in the state of Florida, specific to Parkland, Coconut CreekMiami and Miami BeachFort LauderdaleBoca RatonOrlandoTallahasseeand anywhere else in the state! For more about my practice, check out my FAQs and Blog!

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Dr. Lindsay Howard, Psychologist, Psy.D.

Hi! My name is Lindsay Howard, and I specialize in CBT therapy for anxiety. I serve the community of Coconut Creek, FL, and all residents of Florida. If you’d like to learn more about how I can help you or your loved one, feel free to schedule a free 15-minute consultation with me.

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