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Many people feel down sometimes. It is common and normal to feel this way, especially in response to a misfortunate, disappointing, or devastating event. Intense sadness is often mistaken for depression. However, depression is a lot more complex than simply feeling “sad” or “down.” 

A lot of individuals may experience “feeling depressed” but not meet the criteria for a clinical diagnosis. That is because Depression is a diagnosis for a mood disorder that is characterized by a persistently depressed (or lowered) mood, more often than not – which can cause a loss of interest in things and activities that one used to enjoy. This significantly impairs a person’s daily life in many different areas, which makes basic skills and functioning very difficult.

There doesn’t need to be a specific reason for a person to have depression. In fact, a lot of the time, there may not necessarily be anything “wrong” with someone’s situation or life; most people with depression cannot explain why they feel the way that they do. This can lead to problems with relationships, as there appears to be a lack of support and understanding from others.

Depression can be caused by a number of sources: biological, psychological, or social factors. Research suggests that one or more of these factors can result in changes to the way the brain functions – the chemistry and activity of the brain is actually altered. This explains why one doesn’t need to have a “reason” for being depressed. Oftentimes, trauma or other issues can lead to depression.

Some symptoms of clinical depression include:

  • Constantly feeling sad/down
  • Very low energy
  • Little to no appetite
  • Sleep disturbances and/or insomnia
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Low self-esteem
  • Lack or absence of interest in activities
  • Little to no motivation to perform daily tasks
  • Feeling hopeless
  • Impairment in social, occupational, academic, and other important areas of functioning


Sometimes, but not always, depression can also lead to suicidal thoughts. More severe depression has an increased risk for this, which poses a safety concern.

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If you are feeling this way, you do not need to suffer alone. I know that depression feels extremely heavy and impossible to recover from… but there is hope and it can be treated. We can work together to help you with these incredibly difficult feelings. Contact me today to take back control over your mood and to see your days start to improve.

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