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Get the professional guidance you deserve, on your own time.

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You don't need a label to get help.
And getting help doesn't mean you're broken.

You do not need to have a clinically diagnosed condition to benefit from talking to a professional. With online counseling, we can talk from the convenience of your home, on your lunch break, or anywhere you feel comfortable.

Therapy Unique to You

We all have images in our head of what therapy looks like. Let me give you an idea of what counseling with me looks like:

  • I believe your therapy needs to be as personal to you as your challenges are
  • I tailor my therapeutic approach to meet your unique needs
  • I provide a safe and supportive setting that promotes exploration, acceptance, and change
  • We will work collaboratively as a team to meet your goals
  • I engage my clients in dialogue (I do not sit there and say “hmm hmm.”)
  • My clients describe me as warm, personable, and friendly
  • I am authentic, so my language at times can be as colorful and expressive as your own
  • My goal is to teach you effective tools and skills to use independently throughout your life, so that you no longer need my services

Counseling is an investment in YOU – it takes commitment and time.

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Learn more about the therapy services I offer for all residents of Florida.

FAQs about Therapy, Parkland, FL

FAQs About Counseling

See answers to the most common questions we receive about therapy in Florida.

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