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Online Therapy for Residents of Delray Beach, Florida

After a long day of work in Delray Beach, Florida you would rather have dinner off of East Atlantic Avenue or stop at The Boys Farmer Market to pick up a meal, then drive to see a psychologist. I understand time is a premium and it is hard to carve out time to work on you! With the convenience of online counseling you can pick up your dinner and engage in your session from the comfort of your home as we offer flexible scheduling (i.e., after hours appointments from 5:00PM-8:00PM; in addition, to regular business hours).

What are the benefits of online counseling?

Time Saving – Let’s be honest no one enjoys driving on Atlantic Avenue or downtown Delray Beach. I know from my own experience it is such a hassle dealing with bumper-to-bumper traffic let alone if you are stuck behind a golf cart in the Pineapple Grove Arts District. Just think with online therapy you will save yourself at least an hour in time and be able to have your session wherever you feel comfortable.

Weather – As you know living in Delray Beach the weather is erratic. One minute it is sunny outside the next it is thundering and lightening. Think of engaging in your online therapy session as scheduled without having to consider weather conditions let alone when it is hurricane season. Rain is often a factor in vehicle accidents not to mention that your commute on Florida Interstate 95 takes SO much longer. Online therapy makes services more feasible as it removes stressful variables that often would result in cancelling your therapy session.

Confidentiality – Walking into a psychologist’s office can cause angst. Many people feel nervous about running into someone they know in the waiting room or in the parking lot. Online counseling removes the stigma historically attached to mental health significantly. I get it that no one wants to explain to their employer why they need to leave in the middle of the day once a week for an appointment. Online therapy allows us to accommodate your schedule and engage in a session during your lunch hour (many of my clients participate from the privacy of their parked vehicle utilizing their cell phone). Online therapy gives you the discretion as you will participate in the session through a platform that is HIPAA compliant, VeriSign security seal (multiple layers of encryption), and HITRUST certified (the gold standard of security certifications in the healthcare industry).

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