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Image of a sad woman resting her head on her arms. Work with a skilled therapist at Invigorate Counseling in to overcome your depression symptoms with depression counseling in Parkland, FL.

High-Functioning Depression: Recognizing Hidden Struggles

You’ve probably heard of the term “high-functioning depression” before. But what does it really mean? In simple terms, it refers to people who can perform well in their daily lives despite struggling with depression. These individuals may hold successful jobs, have fulfilling relationships, and appear to have their lives together on the outside. However, on

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Image of an anxious man sitting on his bed with his hand in his hair. If you struggle with the Sunday scaries, work with a skilled anxiety therapist in Coconut Creek, FL to cope with your triggers.

Surviving the Sunday Scaries: Tips to Beat Pre-Workweek Anxiety

Have you felt the dread of Sunday evening looming in the pit of your stomach? The sinking feeling that the weekend is coming to an end and another long workweek is just around the corner? If so, are you surprised to learn that this is common among many working individuals? The “Sunday scaries” or “pre-workweek

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Image of a woman standing on a cliff near a beach on a windy and cloudy day. If you struggle with anxiety due to life transitions, learn how CBT for anxiety in Coconut Creek, FL can help you cope.

CBT for Anxiety Related to Major Life Transitions

The connection between major life transitions and the onset of anxiety is multifaceted, and influenced by various psychological, biological, and social factors. When you move to a new city, start a new job, or undergo significant personal changes, a degree of uncertainty and change is inevitable. This uncertainty can trigger anxiety, a natural response to

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Image of a smiling woman, closing her eyes, and holding her hand in front of her face. Learn effective ways to deal with your depression from self-esteem issues with the help of depression, counseling in Parkland, FL.

How Can Low Self-Esteem Trigger and Amplify Depression?

Self-esteem plays a crucial role in our mental well-being. When we feel great about ourselves, we tend to have a positive outlook on life and are better equipped to handle challenges. However, when our self-esteem is low, it can lead to feelings of worthlessness and inadequacy. This can trigger or amplify symptoms of depression. But

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Image of a man standing at the end of a dock, looking at the ocean during twilight. If you struggle with depression, symptoms, learn how CBT therapy in Parkland, FL can help!

What are the Benefits of CBT for Depression?

Depression is often talked about, but it can be difficult to truly understand the impact it has on individuals who experience it. In romcoms, depression is often portrayed as a constant sadness or a cry for attention. On social media, it’s seen as a “mood” that people can easily snap out of. But in reality,

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Image of a woman sitting outside on sunny day with her hand in her hair. If you are going through a life change, learn how CBT therapy in Parkland, FL can help!

How Does CBT Help with Life Transitions?

Life transitions are usually thought of as the moments when individuals become parents, go off to college, start a new job, or retire. However, life transitions can also come in the form of unexpected events such as losing a job, going through a divorce, or experiencing a major illness. These changes can be overwhelming and

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Shows an unhappy couple. Represents how cognitive behavioral therapy florida can support your relationship. Search for "cognitive behavioral therapy in coconut creek, fl" today!

Can Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Help Overcome Relationship Problems?

Relationships can be challenging and require effective communication, problem-solving skills, and conflict resolution. Sometimes, we may find ourselves in situations where we struggle to effectively communicate with our partners or manage conflicts. This can lead to negative thought patterns that can impact our relationships. Negative thought patterns are common in relationships and can often cause

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Photo of a woman walking on beach with arms raised and hands on head feeling peace. Discover how Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Parkland, FL is an effective treatment for anxiety and depression.

Breaking Free from Depression: Advice on Exploring Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as a Key Treatment Approach from a CBT Therapist

Young and old, men and women, rich and poor. Depression, unfortunately, does not discriminate. If you have dealt with overwhelming feelings of anxiety, loneliness, and/or sadness, you know how depression can cripple your life. Careers, family life, hobbies, relationships, and physical health are all affected. As you may know, there are many treatment options available

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Photo of a blonde woman with head on desk looking depressed. Struggling with depression symptoms and have no support? Discover how depression counseling in Parkland, FlL can help support you.

High-Functioning Depression: The Silent Sufferer

Are you the gloomy friend? The cynical one, who never seems to see the positive side of things? Or maybe you find yourself feeling low all the time, but just chalk it up to another stressful week. You’re tired and feeling socially withdrawn–that’s just “how I am” you think. Or…maybe it’s something else entirely. If

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