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Therapy Services for Sustainable Mental Health

Serving patients in Parkland, Miami, Orlando, and across Florida

We all have images in our head of what we think therapy looks like...

Let’s give you an accurate idea of what counseling with Invigorate Counseling looks like:

  • Tailoring services and needs to be as personal to you as your challenges are.
  • Utilizing a therapeutic approach to meet your unique needs.
  • Providing a safe and supportive setting that promotes exploration, acceptance, and change.
  • Working collaboratively as a team to meet your goals.
  • Engaging with clients in dialogue (not just sit there and say “mm hmm.”)
  • Authentic communication that’s as colorful and expressive as your own. 

Counseling is an investment in YOU – it takes commitment and time.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

In CBT, we work with you to explore your thought patterns, specifically feelings and behaviors that may be contributing to dissatisfaction.


The relentless cycle of anxious thoughts and physical symptoms takes a toll on your emotional well-being, leaving you exhausted and drained.

Grief & Loss

Grief is a normal response to a sudden loss or tragedy, but some losses are more difficult to cope with than others and can be overwhelming.


Counseling can help alleviate symptoms caused by depression by providing you with a safe space to develop effective coping strategies.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Oftentimes, people turn to substance use to help them feel a certain way to cope with significant stress, sleeplessness, anxiety, depression, or other ailments.

During our conversation, we’ll discuss your goals for therapy, help answer any lingering questions you may have, and then get you set up for your first session (when you’re ready).


Providing psychotherapy services and psychological testing since 2007.

Dr. Lindsay Howard, licensed psychologist, is fulfilled by helping others improve their day-to-day lives through an authentic connection. Feeling connected to people, and feeling humbled as well as honored, to be a part of their journey is the reason for Lindsay became a therapist.

That’s why we start with a free consultation: Lindsay’s goal is to teach you the tools and skills you’ll need to move forward. (You don’t need to be in therapy for the rest of your life.) And hey… If you’re going through a rough patch two years from now, you’re always welcome back.

Dan PDan P
21:21 03 May 24
Dr. Howard is one of the most incredible at her craft. I worked with Dr. Howard for many years and she is extremely compassionate and intuitive. Anyone is blessed to work with her she helps SO MANY!
Charmaine MedorCharmaine Medor
03:55 24 Jan 24
I’ve had the privilege to working with Dr. Howard in the past. Dr. Howard has always been recognized for her clinical expertise, compassion for others and for her diligence to providing her unconditional support to her patients. She is truly a mentor to her field and a very experienced Psychologist who has always demonstrated to her patients that they are her priority in lieu to their treatment. One can definitely say, they are truly in good hands, if they have Dr. Howard as their Psychologist.
Jami HaganJami Hagan
22:25 28 Nov 23
Dr. Howard is a wonderful counselor! She is a kind and compassionate person that genuinely cares about the mental health and wellbeing of her patients! She a great listener and has wonderful advice for any situation! You won't be disappointed 🙂
Adriana ZAdriana Z
17:08 31 Aug 23
I have known Dr. Howard for many years, and her competence and compassion as a clinician are just part of what makes her excel in the field of clinical psychology. She is dedicated to keeping up with the research to have a well informed evidenced-based practice. She is equally dedicated to helping those who are in need.- A.L. Ziemba, PsyD
Georgia AustinGeorgia Austin
11:44 31 Jul 23
I have had the honorr of working alongside Lindsay closely over the past year and the care and hard work she puts into her work is inspiring. At heart Lindsay's mission is to help people feel better. Mental health is heavily stigmatized and Lindsay works hard to ensure that professional mental health support is accessible and available.Lindsay is heavily experienced as a professional but also has the love and care for each and every one of her patients which makes her a must for those seeking counseling in the state of Florida.
Kary Wolfe CochranKary Wolfe Cochran
04:57 13 Jul 23
Dr. Howard has been a huge inspiration in my life. As a medical professional myself, speaking to anyone about mental health has been a constant battle, however the charisma, professionalism and overall genuine love she shows towards her patients is a breath of fresh air in such a difficult profession at this time. I would 100% recommend Dr. Howard for mental health issues as well as coping mechanisms. She excels at adjusting to each and every patients needs and treats on an individual level, and I would recommend her 100% over. 🙂
Stephanie LarsenStephanie Larsen
22:20 10 Jul 23
Dr. Howard is a great asset to the professional therapy world! I've had the privilege of working with Dr. Howard and seen her grow in her professional practice throughout the years. Working through case conceptualizations together I can assure you that she is dedicated to finding the best treatments and focuses on the whole of the client. Her approachability and passion are true assets to the community!
Susan BrownSusan Brown
21:49 10 Jul 23
I have worked professionally with Dr. Howard, and I feel like I have to tell everyone how caring, knowledgeable, and just plain great she is! She is conscientious with her clients because she understands how difficult it can be to ask for help. I have worked with other professionals who are just getting a paycheck, but Dr. Howard is really and truly a caring person who goes above and beyond for her clients.
Ebel PerezEbel Perez
18:21 27 May 23
Dr. Howard Is very professional, supportive, and really cares. I love her ideas and her values !!!
Ingrid VanAlstyneIngrid VanAlstyne
00:56 10 May 23
Dr. Howard is truly an expert in the field. Whether you're struggling with anxiety and depression, grief or addiction, Dr. Howard's skill and knowledge will guide you through your challenges. Patient care and professionalism are impeccable and her genuine care is evident.
Kim LittonKim Litton
01:04 21 Mar 23
Fantastic therapist!! Dr. Howard is warm, compassionate and knows her stuff. I have worked side by side with Dr. Howard and refer patients to her. I always know she will take good care of them.
Theresa CurtisTheresa Curtis
02:23 09 Mar 23
I have worked with Dr. Howard in a professional setting for several years. She consistently provided compassionate and proficient care to those referred to her service. She has a gift of a calming presence, and gentle spirit that allow for ease and open communication in her practice.
Kristine SferraKristine Sferra
16:56 02 Mar 23
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dr. Howard professionally for several years. Collaborating with her on cases has always been a pleasure. I’ve consulted her on many difficult situations with patients and families and she has always displayed the upmost knowledge, skill, and empathy. Her communication skills and experience far exceed any expectation.
Jenny PiJenny Pi
02:50 02 Mar 23
I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to work side by side with Dr. Howard. She is truly one of the most caring and compassionate psychologists I’ve ever met. She is one of the brightest lights guiding the field of psychotherapy into the 21st century. She is deeply respectful, supportive and experienced in the collaborative process of gathering key information to make informed decisions about mental health care. She empowers her clients to be connected to and understand themselves so they can be in charge of their health and wellness. I look forward to working with Dr. Howard for years to come.
02:43 22 Feb 23
I have known Dr. Howard professionally for many years. She has always been someone I have respected and admired for her professionalism combined with compassionate and caring personality. All of her patients love her. I have always received abundant of compliments concerning her ability to be a great listener, excellent observation skills, and how she shows empathy. She also shows a willingness to spend time educating patients and families about diagnosis’s and recommended treatments. I couldn’t recommend her enough.
Alicia MalcolmAlicia Malcolm
01:26 17 Feb 23
Dr.Lindsay Howard of Invigorate Counseling is very compassionate and committed to serving her clients. As your Psychologist, you can expect her to provide a confidential, non-judgmental space for you to talk. She is highly skilled in treating a broad spectrum of mental health disorders and is committed to helping her clients thrive. Invigorate Counseling is definitely a company that stands out in its field.~Dr. Alicia Malcolm~
Toni Lee RuggianoToni Lee Ruggiano
20:28 13 Apr 22
My father Joseph and I would like to thank Dr. Lindsay Howard and Invigorate Counseling for all their help. Seeking help for any form of mental illness or stress is not easy but at Invigorate they make it so easy and personable to making the first steps. Everyone is incredibly professional and compassionate.
Dieter vonRabensteinDieter vonRabenstein
22:31 26 Feb 21
I've had the pleasure of working with Dr. Lindsey at a Rehab facility, and she had an amazing presence with all her clients there. She possesses kindness and compassion that brings out the positivity in the human spirit. I would recommend her expertise to anyone who is in need of her services.
David BrinerDavid Briner
20:31 11 Feb 21
Dr. Howard is one of the most intelligent, compassionate, and empathetic clinicians I have worked with. Her understanding and expertise is only overshawoded by her amazing personality and care for human beings.
Kristine SidonioKristine Sidonio
20:14 09 Feb 21
Dr.Howard is amazing at what she does. I had the pleasure of working with her and got to see first hand what she was about. Always listens to clients and cared for them very much. I never heard of any client having a bad experience with her. They always felt she was helpful and kind. I believe anyone would be lucky to use her services.
Kim FriedmanKim Friedman
02:17 09 Feb 21
I’ve known Dr. Howard for many years and she has always carried herself with utmost professionalism and such a drive to help others. She is extremely caring and a wonderful listener, being able to provide honest advice and support without passing any judgement. Whether it’s assisting someone with anxiety or depression to supporting someone through grief and loss, she is a pillar of strength during difficult times and an exceptional person.
Jennifer MackinJennifer Mackin
22:03 08 Feb 21
She is extremely caring and a great listener. I recommend her to everyone I know that is need of counseling. She is extremely professional and loves what she does and it shows during our sessions.
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